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Bathroom Plumbing in Allentown, PA by Tim Beil Plumbing


The bathroom is the area of the home that many people think of first when considering plumbing. This is the room where you shower, brush your teeth, use the toilet, and get ready for the day or for bed. All of your bathroom plumbing services should be completed by skilled, trained professionals. You cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to the condition or integrity of your bathroom plumbing system or any of its components. Make the right choice, and schedule your bathroom plumbing installation, replacement, and repair services with Tim Beil Plumbing. In doing so, you are guaranteed the job will be done right and that only quality materials and products will be used. Call now to learn more about what we can do for your bathroom plumbing.

Tim Beil Plumbing provides bathroom plumbing services in Allentown, PA and the surrounding areas.


Bathroom Plumbing Installation and Replacement

When you stop to consider how much you use your bathroom plumbing system and fixtures, it should be fairly obvious just how important it is that you schedule your bathroom plumbing services with a trained, qualified professional. This is the only way in which you can be certain that your bathroom plumbing system will function to its greatest potential. Don’t put up with undersized sinks, leaky faucet heads, or other problems. Let us install your bathroom plumbing components.

If you have a toilet that you frequently encounter problems with, or if your bathroom sink is always dripping, consider scheduling bathroom plumbing replacement services with us. We are happy to get the job done properly. From new pipes to a more visually pleasing sink, we want you to have what you need to enjoy your bathroom to the fullest.

Bathroom Plumbing Repair and Maintenance

Don’t let your bathroom plumbing system fall into disrepair. It really is necessary that you schedule routine bathroom plumbing maintenance with a trained professional if you hope to enjoy all that your bathroom plumbing system should offer. Even so, you are going to encounter problems at some point. When you do, just remember that scheduling prompt bathroom plumbing repairs in Allentown, PA is the best way in which to keep the extent of any problems to a minimum.

Toilet Plumbing

Let’s face it, the toilet is used numerous times on a daily basis, and it’s crucial that you schedule professional plumbers to handle any repair, replacement, or installation work you may need. In addition to installing new toilets, Tim Beil Plumbing also repairs most major brands, unclogs blocked lines, and fixes any other problems you may be experiencing.

One of the most common complaints we receive regarding toilets is that the low–volume 1.6 gallon flush toilet will not take everything down in a single flush. We have installed and used many toilets and have found the Gerber Ultra Flush Pressure Assist toilet to have a superior flush. Although we highly recommend the Gerber Ultra Flush, we also recommend the Gerber Viper Gravity Flush model. While the Gravity Flush is not as powerful as the Ultra Flush, it still has an exceptional flush. Both of these models have a larger water surface area, which assists in keeping the bowl looking clean.

We stock both the Ultra Flush Pressure Assist and Viper Gravity Flush toilets, and have them available in standard height and ergo height. The ergo height model is a few inches taller than the standard toilet and is ADA compliant. These few extra inches make the transition from sitting to standing almost effortless. Both come in round and elongated–shaped bowl models. Additionally, we use a slow–close seat on our toilet installations, eliminating the loud slamming of the toilet seat on the bowl.

Bathtub Plumbing

As an integral part of any bathroom, your bathtub should function reliably. To keep your bathtub functioning as it should on a regular basis call the team at Tim Beil Plumbing today.

Shower Plumbing

Your shower does an enormous amount of work. If you hope for it to function as it should, schedule your shower plumbing services with us. Call today to get started.

Bathroom Sink Plumbing

You probably wash your hands in your bathroom multiple times throughout the day, so it’s important that the sink works all the time. Let Tim Beil Plumbing handle your bathroom sink plumbing to keep it dependable.

Bathroom Faucets for Showers, Bathtubs, and Sinks

Our plumbers can repair and replace most major brands of sink and shower/bathtub faucets. However, not all faucet repair components are easy to find or are still available. We will inform you if this is the case and provide you with other options for a faucet replacement. After our many years of experience working on a variety of brands of bathroom faucets, we have chosen to stock and recommend Delta products because of their reliable performance and durable quality. Delta has a wide selection of styles, so we can help you find a new faucet that will ideally fit your bathroom.


Additional Bathroom Plumbing Services

Along with the above services, you can turn to Tim Beil Plumbing for unclogging pipes, repairs for leaks, and water line replacements. We can also make the necessary connections for a bathroom remodel, including your bathtub/shower, toilet, and sink.