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Grey Water Pump Services in Allentown, PA by Tim Beil Plumbing

The term grey water refers to water that passes through your bathroom sinks, showers, washing machines and bathtubs. This water contains no organic waste, although it may contain small traces of dirt and soap (such as from washing your hands), as well as some bits of food and a few other cleaning products. This isn’t water that you would want to drink or bathe in—but it does have some great uses when recycled, something that can’t be done with the other sewage water that leaves your house to enter either a septic tank or the municipal sewer system. Grey water is an excellent way to water a garden or yard and save water in the process. In most homes, the best way to effectively recycle grey water is with a grey water pump, also known as an upflush pump.

At Tim Beil Plumbing, we are glad to help you install a grey water pump so you can benefit from water recycling in Allentown and the surrounding areas. We have been family-owned and operated since 1967 and offer a level of quality service that is hard to top. Our experience in all areas of plumbing make us the ideal people to call for any service you may need when it comes to grey water pump, including replacing an old one or repairing a current malfunctioning model.

If you require grey water pump services—installation, replacement or repairs—in Allentown, PA or the surrounding areas, call on the professionals at Tim Beil Plumbing.


Are You Looking for Installation or Replacement of a Grey Water Pump?

Setting up a grey water system can be complicated, and you want to make certain that the water you remove from your sinks and washing machines flows the right direction: out of the house’s plumbing and not the other way. Unless your home can use gravity entirely to direct the grey water, you will need a grey water pump to keep the water moving the right direction. These pumps are usually located at ground level either inside the house or buried outside. An effluent pump inside a tank pushes the grey water up into the lines that lead to the irrigation system for your lawn or garden.

To make sure that your grey water pump works correctly and won’t endanger your fresh water supply, leave the installation work to professionals. You should also rely on professionals if you are replacing a broken older pump.

Contact Us When You Need Grey Water Pump Repair

Any mechanical system will suffer from wear with use, and eventually you may need to schedule repairs for a grey water pump that isn’t working as it should. If the pump becomes jammed or develops an electrical issue, avoid trying to tamper with it yourself. Call a plumber who works with effluent systems and pumps who can take care of the problem promptly and see that it doesn’t come back.

Turn to Us for Grey Water Pump Services

Tim Beil Plumbing is your resource for all your household plumbing needs—and that includes helping you recycle grey water. You can trust our experience and knowledge to see that you have a grey water pump working in the best condition possible.