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Septic Tank Installation in Allentown, PA by Tim Beil Plumbing

Homes that do not have access to a municipal sewer line must have an alternate method to dispose of liquid waste and treat it so that it doesn’t place toxins in the ground. This is the job of a septic tank: inside it, bacteria and solid waste are separated from the water that exits the house. The water then leaves that tank and flows down through a drainfield into the ground.

If you have a home in the area that lacks access to a sewer system, you will need to have a septic tank in place. Chances are good that you already have one, but a time may come when you will need to replace it. No matter the reason you need to schedule new septic tank installation, this extensive job is one that requires professionals with special skills. Tim Beil Plumbing has assisted homes in the area with septic and sewer services for over 45 years, and we have the experience and equipment necessary to take care of installing a new septic tank for your property.

Looking for septic tank installation in Allentown, PA or the surrounding areas? The team at Tim Beil Plumbing is here to help.


Why Septic Tank Installation Requires Professionals

Although there are some areas of home care that you might be able to take on as a DIY project, septic tank installation is definitely not one of them. You must never allow anyone without professional training and equipment to perform this job, for a number of reasons.

First, it is simply too physically large a task. Putting in a septic tank requires digging equipment to excavate the area for the new tank. The tank itself is often enormous and needs to be properly sized for to match the home’s needs. If the tank isn’t connected correctly when put in place, it won’t work properly. Location is also key; a septic tank in a poor spot on property may not drain sewage the way it should. Putting the drainfield in place also takes experience.

Second, and even more important, is the safety risks that amateur installation of a septic tank can cause. Leaking of sludge and bacteria will contaminate the environment and possibly the freshwater system in a home. The U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Public Welfare strongly recommends professional installation to avoid these hazards. Make the right choice and call on training, experience, and professionalism when you need a new septic tank.

Rely on Us for Septic Tank Installation

Tim Beil Plumbing offers a wide range of services to care for septic tanks. Along with new installation and replacement, we also offer repair services and the installation of sewage pumps for when the septic tank is at a higher elevation than your home. We know how important the septic system is for homes that cannot use the municipal sewer system, and we will place our years of experience at your disposal to make sure that you have the best new installation possible. Protect your family and property and keep your home convenient with our septic services.