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Water Heater Maintenance in Allentown, PA by Tim Beil Plumbing

Consider for a moment how much work your home’s water heater does on a daily basis: showering, bathing, cooking, cleaning, washing. As a labor-saving and home convenience device, a water heater puts in an enormous amount of work for a home day in and day out. All that labor creates strain on the system, and unless you take time to alleviate that strain and give the system regular tune-ups and inspections, you may soon end up with a broken water heater that will need a replacement.

But how can you inspect and tune-up the water heater? Well, ­you don’t actually have to do anything—except call on the team at Tim Beil Plumbing. We offer comprehensive water heater services, including routine maintenance that will inspect, clean and adjust the system annually. With our assistance you will have a water heater that lasts for many years with minimum repair trouble and maximum energy efficiency.

The water heater specialists at Tim Beil Plumbing provide regular water heater maintenance service in Allentown, PA and the surrounding areas.


The Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance

Any mechanical device will need to have some maintenance done to prevent it from wearing down too soon. Water heaters are special cases because they involve water in contact with metal, a situation that can cause deterioration unless it has routine check–ups. Below are some of the benefits you’ll receive from scheduling annual maintenance visits from professionals:

  • Longer service life: Depending on the type of water heater you have, you can expect it to last 15 to 20 years, possibly more. But that’s only if the water heater receives regular maintenance visits. Without maintenance, the water heater might not even make it to half its estimated service life.
  • Lower energy bills: If a water heater’s tank is filled with sediment or limescale, it will struggle with heating up the water. And this will mean an increase in your energy bills to run it. Regular maintenance will mean keeping your bills under control.
  • Reduced repairs: You don’t want to contact repair technicians a couple times a year to rush to your assistance when the water heater starts to fail. It’s inconvenient and will become expensive. Maintenance prevents malfunctions before they start, making repair calls rare.

What Happens During Water Heater Maintenance?

During a yearly maintenance visit from a skilled technician, your water heater will undergo a series of inspections, cleanings and tests. A water heater flush is a common step technicians take (although not every year) that does an effective job of eliminating sediment build up inside the tank. Maintenance will look over the circulator pump and the expansion tank to see that they are working correctly and examine the aquastat to see that it is measuring the temperature correctly. They will provide necessary water heater cleaning along the heat exchanger and the gas burners. After the maintenance session is over, your water heater will be ready for another year of working hard for you.

Arrange for Regular Maintenance for Your Water Heater with Us

You need to look no further for great water heater maintenance in Allentown than Tim Beil Plumbing. We offer Service Agreements that will take care of your water heater and plumbing system. Call us today to find out more about the details.