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Allentown, PA Water Purification Services by Tim Beil Plumbing

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that every aspect of your home is not only safe and functional, but also contributes positively to the health and hygiene of your family and guests. Impure tap water is one such problem that you may encounter. Fortunately, you don’t have to waste time and money constantly filling up a plastic jug that hardly takes care of many water quality issues. Tim Beil Plumbing offers a veritable suite of water purification and water conditioning options for homes.

As an independent and authorized dealer of Kinetico water treatment systems, we provide a number of different options to our customers, including water softeners, sulfur and chlorine removal systems, and others. Not only do we install new water purifiers from scratch, we also replace old products that are working improperly, as well as offering repair and maintenance services. To put it simply, we can make sure that you have everything that you need to enjoy high quality purified water throughout your entire home. Since 1967, we’ve taken care of our customers in Allentown.

Tim Beil Plumbing provides water purification and water conditioning services in Allentown, PA and the surrounding areas.


Your Options for Water Purification and Conditioning

It’s not unusual for the sheer diversity of options in today’s world to feel overwhelmed. If you discover yourself in need of a water purification solution, but you can’t seem to figure out what the problem is or what solution would address it, then contact us. Professional water testing (a service we also provide) is the only way to make sure that you are targeting the actual problem. There are numerous substances that can find their way into your water supply.

For a comprehensive water purification option, a reverse osmosis (RO) system may be your best bet. However, if you would like to target biological contaminants such as bacteria and viruses, then you may want to opt for an ultraviolet (UV) water purification system, which uses a germicidal light to eliminate such substances from your home. We also offer specific solutions for water conditioning that will remove chlorine and sulfur. Whatever the issue may be, we can provide you with a solution.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy Water

Clear Water

Clear Water


Drinking Water Systems

The quality of your drinking water can no longer be taken for granted. With aging distribution systems supplying municipal water and a variety of chemical and biological pollutants contaminating well water, many of us have begun to think twice about drinking tap water. While bottled water was once a popular alternative, the cost and waste this creates is harsh on the environment. Luckily, with Kinetico, you can provide your family with fresh, clean, great–tasting water with no worries.

Kinetico Drinking Water Systems are point–of–use systems, which are installed at a kitchen sink. A separate drinking water faucet is installed next to your existing faucet for drinking and cooking. The systems can also connect to your refrigerator if you have an ice maker or water dispenser.

  • K5 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System: Kinetico’s most comprehensive drinking water system uses multiple stages of filtration, including reverse osmosis technology, to remove almost everything from your water that isn’t water. The K5 is the most advanced reverse osmosis system available, with unparalleled features and benefits.
  • Aquakinetic Reverse Osmosis: For those who believe that reverse osmosis technology is the way to go, but are satisfied with a more basic approach to drinking water treatment, the AquaKinetic drinking water system is ideal. The three–stage system provides clean, refreshing water for drinking and cooking with minimal maintenance.
  • MACguard Filter Drinking Water System: If your main concern is ridding your water of unpleasant tastes and odors, the MACguard Filter system is an excellent choice for your water conditioning. It provides a plentiful supply of refreshing water for your drinking water needs and is the most economical option for filtering the water in your home.

Chlorine Removal System

A dechlorinator is a single tank or twin tank system that offers a simple solution to whole–house chlorine removal and is a great addition to any Kinetico water softener. It not only provides chlorine–free water to every faucet in your home, it also protects your water softener and water using appliances from the harsh effects of chlorine.

Macrolite Filter

This single tank or twin tank system uses an exclusive ceramic media filter developed in conjunction with 3M and brought to you only by Kinetico. It significantly reduces certain forms of iron, sediment, particulate matter, and turbidity, down to trace levels.

Saltless Water Systems

If you prefer to avoid using salt or chemicals to end your water challenges, Kinetico’s Saltless Water Systems are a great alternative. The available options include a Scale Reduction System and a Reverse Osmosis Whole–House Membrane System.

  • Scale Reduction System (SRS): The Kinetico Scale Reduction System (SRS) uses proven science to help prevent scale buildup. This results in lower energy bills and a longer appliance service life. The SRS works to reduce the ability of minerals in your water that create scale. This is all achieved in a compact unit without the need for salt or chemicals. However, the SRS does not work the same as a water softener. It will not remove hard minerals nor will it soften the water, but it will change the structure of the minerals in the water so they don’t form scale.
  • Reverse Osmosis Whole–House Membrane System: The TX Membrane System is a saltless solution for solving a variety of water problems. The semi–permeable membrane traps contaminants, iron, hardness, and odor–causing impurities, leaving you with purified and clean drinking water.

Sulfur Odor Removal System

The Sulfur Guard System provides a simple remedy for handling foul–smelling “rotten egg” water once and for all. With a Kinetico Sulfur Guard Water Filter, there is not much to do but enjoy your water, unlike other water conditioning systems that use multiple treatment stages and are expensive, cumbersome, and difficult to maintain.

Ultraviolet Disinfection System

In addition to Kinetico Water Conditioning Systems, we also carry Ultraviolet Systems. The UV System is installed at the point of entry into your home and removes bacteria from the water. The water runs through a chamber that contains an ultraviolet lamp; as the water passes this lamp, a lethal dose of UV radiation destroys the microorganisms in the water. This process is effective at eliminating 99.99% of those organisms, including E. Coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia, resulting in water that has no aftertaste, chemicals, or harmful by–products.  This simple and reliable system protects not only your health but the environment as well. Call our office for more information.

The Importance of Water Purification and Water Conditioning Installation

If you want to make sure that your water purification or conditioning system is installed carefully and properly for years of superior performance and efficiency, just call us. Our water purification installation service is exceptional, and we take pride in the ability of our plumbers to come up with excellent solutions to whatever ails your water supply.

Signs That Your Water Purifier Needs Service

Not only do we install a variety of water purification systems from Kinetico, we also service all makes and models. If you find that your water issues have unexpectedly returned, then you might have an issue with your water purifier. We can assist you. Whether you need a repair, replacement, or just a tune–up, contact us and we will provide you with a well–designed solution.